The smart financing solution for SMEs and growing companies

Valendo offers independent financing solutions which are as individual as your company.
 We finance various industries and assets with a tailormade financing solution.

Use your assets as collateral to free up liquidity and grow your business

01. Individual solutions:
– We customize the solution to your needs – Your inventory is used as security – Digital application and web-based access to get real-time information on your loan and the collateral
02. Transparent costs:
– Day-to-day billing – Clear pricing structures – Minimal operational reporting effort based on our integrated, digital information exchange processes
03. Sustainable growth:
– We finance young companies in their growth phase – Available credit line growth with your collateral (inventory & receivables) – Grow your revenues on the back of higher inventories and faster delivery times

Finance your inventory in 4 easy steps.

  • 01. Get In Touch
  • 02. Automated Validation
  • 03. Quick Pay-Out
  • 04. Flexible Lending
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About Valendo
Valendo was founded in February 2015 as part of the FinLeap Group in Berlin. We offer innovative, tech-based financing solutions for growing SMEs and act as a servicer (risk monitoring and evaluation) for other financing partners. We finance a wide range of companies and collateral with a focus on high growth e-commerce companies Our team consists of experts in the field of asset backed loans, corporate finance and tech.
About FinLeap
FinLeap is Europe’s No. 1 Fintech ecosystem, founded in Berlin in 2014. FinLeap is renowned for fast execution in building successful, innovative and market-changing Fintech companies, which are supported by FinLeap’s strong infrastructure that enables them to grow. FinLeap is truly international, with over 35 different nations in the team.

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