Valendo – your strong partner behind the scenes

Valendo was founded in February 2015 and is part of the FinLeap group in Berlin.

As a reliable partner of German SMEs, we offer innovative, digital-based financing solutions for growing SMEs and act as a service provider for refinancing partners.

Our offering ranges from warehouse financing to factoring and tailor-made liquidity solutions for a broad range of companies, with a particular focus on fast-growing e-commerce companies.

Our experienced team, consisting of specialists in the areas of asset-backed lending, corporate finance and IT, contributes to the success of German mid-sized companies on a daily basis.

What customers can benefit from Valendo's product offering?

Our product range is primarily aimed at companies registered in Germany which fulfill the following conditions:


Business age ≥ 2 years
Annual turnover ≥ 5 million euros
Capital requirement ≥ 500 kEUR


If you do not meet all the points, feel free to contact us as our experts will be happy to discuss possible approaches with you.

What documents do I have to provide for a financing request?

For a first review and to give you a quickest possible indication, we only need the latest annual financial statements from you, as well as a current BWA + SUSA (not older than 3 months).

How long does it take to set up a credit line through Valendo?

The duration of the setup of your funding line depends primarily on the completeness of the documents you provide. In general we can tell that in average 3-4 weeks are passing from the time of the initial financing request until the release of the credit line.


However, you will receive a first indication 48 hours after receipt of the documents.

What kind of Financing is offered by Valendo?

The financing solutions offered by Valendo are usually warehouse finance and factoring. Often we combine both solutions in order to offer you the greatest possible flexibility at the best possible conditions.


With the storage financing one can make the values, which are bound in the camp, liquid. For warehouse financing, your warehouse will be valued by Valendo. This rating, in turn, will allocate a credit line that can be used flexibly and grows with your inventory.

What advantages are provided by a storage Financing with Valendo?

Stock financing at Valendo offers 3 key benefits for you and your business:


Liquidity – your current assets are transformed into so important liquidity for the further growth of your business.

Flexibility – The credit line grows with your business.

Cost Transparency – You can easily track the interest expense as you only pay to use the capital provided.

A financing without traditional securities - how does it work?

Serving as security, the liquidity tied up in the warehouse is released again. Valendo provides a credit line to calculate the value of the stored goods, which is then available on call.


Finished goods can be included in the calculation. The conditions are customary and usually even better than at the house bank. Independence from the bank grows and, at the same time, the cost of raising money is minimized.


Another advantage is the flexibility. Because with the growth of the warehouse, the credit line can be increased without lengthy reviews – so the liquidity grows in parallel with your company.


This can not only be used for acquisitions, but can also be used purposefully. You can, for example, use supplier discounts, expand marketing activities or expand production – this will further reduce costs.